Candy Crush Cheats and Tips to Win Without Pestering Friends

There is one major Candy Crush cheat that will help gamers beat the game without pestering Facebook friends for lives and moves or without spending cash to keep playing endlessly.

Candy Crush is a popular matching game where players need to match up three, four or five pieces of candy to remove them from the board, unlocking power ups along the way. Level start off easy enough, but quickly offer a bigger challenge that uses up lives that players earn over time.

Lives take 15 to 30 minutes to come back, during which time gamers cannot play the game. Users that don’t want to wait can pay Candy Crush $1 to $2 to get more moves or lives. They can also ask Facebook friends for moves or lives, which is an easy way to annoy Facebook friends that are not playing Candy Crush already.

Candy Crush cheats, tips and tricks can help gamers win without annoying friends.

Candy Crush cheats, tips and tricks can help gamers win without annoying friends.

There is a third way to get infinite lives in Candy Crush Saga, that only takes a second, but does take a few taps and you will need to remember to undo it or you might miss out on an important alarm or call.

Candy Crush Cheats

There may be many Candy Crush cheats, but there is only one that addicted gamers need to know. You won’t find this cheat in the game and there is no need to download a hacked version, you just need to trick the app into thinking time passed. By changing the time on your iPhone or Android you can earn extra lives in a few seconds instead of a few hours.

Here’s how to get infinite lives in Candy Crush with your iPhone or Android clock. Yes, the clock on your device can give you lives by setting it for a time in the future.

The best known Candy Crush cheat is to change the time or date.

The best known Candy Crush cheat is to change the time or date.

On Android go to Settings -> Date and Time -> Uncheck set time automatically -> tap on the time -> set it ahead two hours to get four lives.

On iPhone go to Settings -> General -> Date & Time -> Set Automatically to Off -> Adjust the time ahead two hours.

Open Candy Crush and keep playing. If you are playing late at night, you will need to adjust the date as well if you go into the AM hours. When you are done, move the time back to normal.

If you use this Candy Crush cheat to keep playing make sure that you change the clock back when you are done. If you don’t the alarms and calendar alerts will not let you know at the right time and if you use Do Not Disturb or a similar feature it may block calls when it shouldn’t.

It’s also important to keep in mind that when you set the time back the game may not award any new lives for a significant amount of time.

Some users report that you can set the time ahead by one day, open Candy Crush see five lives and go back to change the date and it will keep the lives without the hassle of waiting a long time in the future.

5 Candy Crush Tips

If you don’t want to cheat, or just need help getting past a hard Candy Crush level there are some Candy Crush tips to make you a better player.

Patience – If the level is not timed slow down and look for the four and five candy matches that can open up big board clearing explosions and specials.

Spin the wheel to get Candy Crush items free.

Spin the wheel to get Candy Crush items free.

Bottom is Best – Whenever possible focus on finding matches at the bottom of the screen. These will help you clear off specials and move more candy pieces on the board to make additional matches even easier.

Use Specials Right – The stripes on a special candy show the direction it will clear out other candies. Sometimes it is worth looking for a way to bring a special candy up or down to get the maximum potential. Don’ forget you can combine specials for maximum damage as well.

Clear the Edges First – If there are jellies, blocks or ingredients to clear, focus on the edges as this is where the least amount of matches will arrive so clear them out first to avoid frustration later.

Save Your Specials – Candy Crush gives users three Lollipop Hammers to start, save them for after level 30 when things get much harder. Also look for the small spinner under the lives icon to spin for free specials every day.

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