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After you start playing, Candy Crush and Candy Crush Soda Saga are addictive and a bit tricky. You can use these Candy Crush tips to get past hard challenges, and when that fails guides to Candy Crush levels and Candy Crush Soda Levels. If all of that fails we’ll show you Candy Crush cheats to get unlimited lives in seconds.

Candy Crush and Candy Crush Soda Saga offer the same basic style of play. You need to make matches to clear the board and free up specific pieces and clear objectives in each level.

As you progress the Candy Crush levels get harder and harder to complete, and you might end up stuck on Candy Crush Soda Saga level 38, just trying to destroy the chocolate before it consumes all of your pieces. Instead of quitting in frustration, you can use these Candy Crush tips to get past annoying levels, Candy Crush level guides to see how a pro clears the level and then use the Candy Crush cheats to get enough lives to do it on your own without bothering friends on Facebook.

5 Essential Candy Crush Tips

Use these Candy Crush tips, Candy Crush cheats and Candy Crush level guides to beat the game.

Use these Candy Crush tips, Candy Crush cheats and Candy Crush level guides to beat the game.

You can use these Candy Crush tips in the original game and in Candy Crush Soda Saga. Which ever game is your favorite to play, here is how to beat the hard levels and make sure you have a steady supply of sprinkled donuts, candy fish and exploding striped candies.

Don’t Rush in Candy Crush

There is no need to blast through a level in 30 seconds. If you try to fly through the level again and again you will only waste your time and your lives. Instead of rushing slow down and look for the best matches to make on the screen. Try to think one or two moves ahead. If you see the start of a major match, look for ways to move the pieces together.

Know Your Match

You need to master identifying the matches and patterns to make Candy Crush Special Candies. In the game there are three main types of candy you can make. We won’t bother with the ones you need to buy, because this is all about beating Candy Crush and Candy Crush Soda Saga without wasting money in the game.

Striped Candy – Match four regular candies to make a striped candy. If the match is vertical the stripe is vertical, if it is horizontal so is the stripe. When you match this in a regular three-piece match it will wipe out a vertical or horizontal row.

Wrapped Candy – Match five or six candy items in a T, an L or a plus shape. When matched with three regular candies it explodes to take out eight candies nearby.

Identify the right match to make in Candy Crush.

Identify the right match to make in Candy Crush.

Color Bomb aka Sprinkled Donut – Match five candies in a straight row. When you match with a single color it clears all of those from the board.

In Candy Crush Soda Saga you also get to use fish, color bombs and color candy special candies.

Fish – Match four colored candies in a square to form a fish. When matched with three colors they will swim and clear an important part of your objective.

Color Bombs – Match with one color to remove all of that color from the board.

Coloring Candies – Match eight candies in a T shape with five in one direction and three below to deliver a special. You can match this to any candy to turn all of that to another color.

Create Insane Candy Crush Level Clearing Combos

You can combine these to deliver bigger results. Match the Color Bomb with a striped candy to make all of those colored pieces into striped candy that fire off immediately. If you can match with a wrapped candy it clears that color from the board and then clears another color from the board.  If you can match a sprinkled donut with another sprinkled donut  you will remove all candy from the board.

With the right matches you can clear a lot of the Candy Crush board.

With the right matches you can clear a lot of the Candy Crush board.

You can match the Candy Crush Soda Saga special candies together to deliver similar options that unlock level clearing upgrades.

Start At the Bottom to Get to the Top

Always start at the bottom to bring the candies down and open up more matches. If you keep clearing the top of the screen you will get nowhere. Try to form matches at the bottom of the screen as much as possible. If you run out, look for matches in the middle and then the top.

No matter what don’t spend all day trying to clear the top of a Candy Crush level, it will get you nowhere.

Clear the Edges

When you need to clear out any part of a level start with the edges. If you focus in on the middle or the bottom you will end up scrambling at the end of the level. Instead you need to focus on the edges where it is harder to funnel new pieces to.

Candy Crush Cheats

You don’t ned to buy extra lives or beg for extra lives on Facebook. All you need to do is adjust your iPhone or Android clock and the Candy Crush app regenerates the lives without any waiting.

On the iPhone go to Settings -> General -> Date & Time -> Set Automatically to Off -> Adjust the time one day ahead. 

On Android Go to Settings -> Date and Time -> Uncheck set time automatically -> tap on the date -> set it ahead one day.

After you do this go back into Candy Crush or Candy Crush Soda Saga to see that you have your lives. Before you play and lose a life go back and set the time and date to Automatic. This will avoid tripping a timer in the game and it will also make sure you don’t miss a meeting or alarm because your phone is a day or two ahead.

Candy Crush Levels

When you get stuck, you can go see how a pro beats that Candy Crush level or Candy Crush Soda Saga level. With a guid you can see where you need to focus, how fast you need to unlock something before chocolate takes over or soda rises. The Blogging Witches offer an insane amount of Candy Crush level guides and Candy Crush Soda level guides.

You can see hundreds of Candy Crush level cheats and guides in the playlist above. Or be sure to check out their YouTube channel where you can find more videos and features.

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