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Can’t wait to get the Galaxy Nexus? Verizon has you covered!



Verizon has a Galaxy Nexus Simulator online for you to give ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) aka Android 4.0 a spin before heading out to grab one tomorrow.

This sim gives you a chance to drill down in some of the menus and see what steps you need to take to perform minor tasks with Ice Cream Sandwich. How to turn on your 4G hotspot, how to take a photo, how to make a call, and other very basic functions. I don’t think the prime rib and wine come with the simulator though.

Maybe this will get you through to the morning. I know I had a little fun!

Make sure to find out why Adam and I are grabbing one tomorrow morning and share why you plan to skip or buy one.

Source: Verizon via Engadget

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