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How to Capture Slo-Mo Video on the iPhone 5s



The iPhone 5s was released a week ago, and new owners were greeted with a bevy of new features, including a fingerprint sensor, new color options and improvements to the camera. One of the new features in the camera department is a “Slo-Mo” setting that allows you to record video, and then slow it down to up to four times slower than real-time.

Apple thinks this will give your home videos a bit more gusto, and it can come especially in handy during fast-action situations. The iPhone 5s also comes with the ability to shoot 10 photos per second in a new “Burst Mode,” if you feel like taking photos rather than a video, but in this how-to, we’re focusing on how you can record a slow-motion video and then share it with friends and family.

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Recording Slow-Motion Video

The Slo-Mo option in the Camera app is only available on the new iPhone 5s, so if you have an older iPhone device, you’re out of luck. To get to the new feature, open up the Camera app and swipe to the right two times (that is, if the Camera app automatically loads on the Photo setting by default. Swiping to the right two times will get you to Slo-Mo mode, and you’ll know that you’re in that mode because it will say “Slo-Mo right above the shutter button. at the bottom.

Simply start recording your video by tapping on the big red shutter button and then press it again when you want to stop recording. To view your video, tap on the thumbnail in the lower-left corner. This will open up your video where you can view it, and there will be a timeline toward the top where two markers are placed. This is where you can set where in the video you want the slow-motion action to start and stop, and you can adjust these by dragging them along the timeline with your finger.

2013-09-26 16.26.54Sharing Your Slow-Motion Video

To share your Slo-Mo video with friends or family, open up the Photos app and tap on your video that you just made. You’ll see a small icon in the lower-left corner that’s a box with an arrow pointing upward; tap on that to bring up sharing options.

From here, you can choose the service that you want to share to. Your choices are Apple’s AirDrop (send it to another iPhone user directly), sending it as a text through iMessage, emailing it, uploading it to YouTube or Vimeo, and sharing it on Facebook. You can also beam it your Apple TV through AirPlay in order to play it on your living room big screen.

When you tap on an option, just follow the given instructions to proceed. You may have to log into these services to complete the steps. Eventually, you should get an “Upload Successful” or “Your video has been shared” confirmation after it’s all said and done.

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