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Capturx for OneNote



Microsoft’s Daniel Escapa has some great details on a new product from Adapx called Capturx for Microsoft Office OneNote, which allows you to write notes in a paper notebook and transfer them to OneNote. This looks very intriguing for those of us who also like to take paperbased notes. The fact that it transfers the notes as digital ink that OneNote recognizes is huge.

Checkout Daniel’s comments below, and head over to Adapx to learn more. Kathy Jacobs, a OneNote MVP, has a really good review of Capturx, too.

I wanted to point out a newly released digital pen solution that works with OneNote called Capturx for Microsoft Office OneNote.  The basic idea is that you can purchase a special notebook & pen which will take your handwritten notes and convert them into digital ink and insert them into OneNote as ink.  This means you can take notes in your notebook and then later everything will appear in OneNote where you can convert it to text, search the handwriting and share with others.

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