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Cardinals vs Cubs Live Stream: How to Watch



The MLB playoffs are underway. Here’s how to watch the Cardinals vs Cubs live stream if you don’t have cable.

The National League Division Series are set, with the Mets vs Dodgers in one series and the Cardinals vs Cubs in the other.

The St. Louis Cardinals have earned the best record in all of MLB, winning 100 games exactly during the regular season. The Cubs finished with the third-best record in the MLB with 97 wins, but had to face off against the Pittsburgh Pirates in the National League Wild Card game earlier this week in order to make it to the National League Division Series.

The Chicago Cubs are led by a young team with great talent all around. Anthony Rizzo leads the team in RBIs and is 6th overall in the MLB. Meanwhile, Cubs pitcher Jake Arrieta is one of the best pitchers in the entire league right now, coming in 2nd in ERA in the league and most recently shutting out the Pirates earlier this week in the Wild Card game.

The Cubs famously haven’t won the World Series since 1908, making it one of the longest championship droughts in all of sorts. However, they’ve at least made it to the World Series seven times since then, with their last appearance being in 1945.


The Cardinals, on the other hand, have been pretty dominant, winning 11 World Series titles since the Cubs last won and making a World Series appearance 19 times in the team’s history. Most recently, the Cardinals won the World Series in 2011 and have clinched their division three years in a row now.

If you’re interested in catching all of the action of the Cardinals vs Cubs series, but don’t have cable, here’s how to watch the Cardinals vs Cubs live stream on any number of devices.

Cardinals vs Cubs Live Stream

Perhaps the best way to watch the Cardinals vs Cubs live stream is using MLB.TV, which is MLB’s own streaming service that lets you watch any and all games during the regular season, but with blackout restrictions.

However, it’s a bit different for the playoffs. While MLB.TV will stream all National League playoff games, US and Canadian viewers will need to have a cable subscription in order to watch. Plus, there will be the usual blackout subscriptions.

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 9.30.57 AM

Of course, if you’re using MLB.TV, it’s likely because you don’t have cable in the first place, so it’s catch-22 type deal, but not all hope is lost.

Since MLB.TV is letting international users watch all of the games with no strings attached, what you simply need to do is get a VPN service.

A VPN service essentially tells MLB.TV that you’re in a location that you’re actually not in, so you can tell it that you’re located in the United Kingdom in order to get the no-strings-attached streaming of playoff games.

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 9.30.44 AM

We have a thorough guide that takes you through the process of setting up Unblock-Us, which is my go-to VPN service, but it’s pretty easy and all you have to do is change some DNS settings on the device that you want to stream on.

A VPN service costs around $5 per month, and MLB.TV will cost you $9.99 for all of the playoffs, including the Word Series. This price also includes all Spring Training games next year, if that’s something you’re interested in watching.

Unfortunately, Unblock-Us doesn’t work on iOS devices when it comes to streaming MLB.TV, as the MLB At Bat app is really finicky with VPN services, but it works great in any web browser on any computer, as well as on the PS4 and a handful of set-top boxes.

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