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Carrier Prepares for iPhone 5S Release



It appears that the iPhone 5S name has once again appeared on a website ahead of its September launch date though this time it’s not on Apple’s website but on a carrier website which likely means that the carrier is making preparations for the upcoming iPhone 5S release.

Earlier this month, the name iPhone 5S was spotted lingering inside source code for Apple’s French-Canadian website. The name, which has since been removed, was found attached to a description about an upcoming accessory. That was the first sighting of Apple’s rumored iPhone 5S name but it looks like it wasn’t the last.

The name iPhone 5S was spotted by Arigato-iPod inside the code on carrier KDDI’s website. The name has since been replaced, leaving no trace. The timing could mean that the carrier is simply making preparations for an iPhone launch that is all but certain to be arriving on September 10th.

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The iPhone 5S is expected to challenge phones like the Galaxy S4.

The iPhone 5S is expected to challenge phones like the Galaxy S4.

While it could simply be a typo, carriers typically have inside information on products ahead of launch so it’s certainly possible that this was something much more than a slip up. It’s also telling that the reference was quickly removed when spotted ahead of time.

Apple’s iPhone 5S name is all but confirmed, regardless of the leak, as the device is expected to retain the design of the iPhone 5 and sport some incremental updates, something reminiscent of other ‘S’ iPhone models. Apple historically has changed the number when it offers a big hardware redesign like the one found on the iPhone 5.

The name slipped on carrier KDDI's website.

The name slipped on carrier KDDI’s website.

Carriers around the world are likely making preparations for an iPhone 5S launch as the device should be coming to a host of countries on the first day of availability, said to be September 20th. Rumors suggest that the iPhone 5S could hit China in late November.

The iPhone 5S is expected to be joined by the iPhone 5C, a cheaper plastic iPhone model that has been seen numerous times on camera. Apple’s new plastic iPhone is thought to be a challenger for the budget Android smartphones that have flooded shelves around the world.

Apple’s iPhone 5S is expected to replace the iPhone 5 and offer consumers a new camera, processor, fingerprint reader and iOS 7.



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