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Cast A Wary Eye Towards Those Best Buy Sales Folk



I’m sure most of our readers already know how to deal with a big box sales pitch, or any sales pitch for that matter. You take everything that is said with a healthy dose of salt and skepticism. Right? I hope so. This story at The Consumerist caught my eye and I think serves as an ample illustration as to why you need a salt shaker and a skepticism shield when you go shopping.

Apparently a Best Buy salesperson, when reciting the usual service plan spiel, spewed out the info that the battery was covered and they would replace it once a year which was a good deal because batteries cost $500 if you replaced them yourself. The customer, who was shopping for his mom and a bit knowledgable himself, challenged the statement and asked if he could get a discount of $500 if they sold the unit without the battery. Of course the answer was no.

The salesperson pleaded ignorance and said she was trained to say that by management. Who knows where the truth is there.

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