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The past 4 years, my web programming career has basically been on “auto-pilot” mode. Because of some medical issues with my daughter, I lacked the mental capacity to soak in a new framework, architecture, etc. So, I kept programming with the languages I was comfortable with: Visual Basic, ColdFusion, Flash, and ASP. You do what you have to do, but I can already tell that the programming world has quickly left me behind. Well, with things settling in to a nice groove at home and my daughter on the upswing, it is time to wake up and get my behind in gear!

So, with DevConnections and Mobile Connections coming up next week, I’m planning on making the transition to ASP.NET,  VB.NET, and C#. I’ve got some good projects coming up that make it a good opportunity to dive in. I’m really looking forward to getting in to some of the client side / Tablet PC programming in the Mobile Connections classes, and catching up with the rest of web programming community by getting up to speed with ASP.NET and VB.NET first, and then C# later on down the road. Josh Einstein gave me some good advice in this regard and I’m very appreciative to have a good friend like him who has kept current.

Any developers out there in the same boat? Are you behind the times and needing to jumpstart your programming base again? Where are you at right now and where are you headed? Do you find an upcoming project the best way to jump in?

If you are going to the DevConnections conference, let me know. I’d love to hook up with some folks while in Vegas next week.


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