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Category support coming in OneNote 2007?



I’ve been following this post on about OneNote 2007 bugs. As he frequently does, Microsoft’s Chris Pratley is participating in the discussions with end users. I love it when he does that. The feedback that Chris gives is simply awesome.

What I found fascinating is a post that Chris made in reply to Buzz member ScobbieSnacks. In the post, they are talking about OneNote 2007 and the need for category support. According to Chris, category support is on their spec sheets and is something they are thinking about implementing eventually. Here is Chris’ reply to ScobbieSnacks. You need to read the thread to get the context, though.

Scoobiesnacks: I think you have been reading our specs! (or at least our minds). I agree that categories can be a great supplement to the way the notebook is organized now. You describe things in a similar way to how we think about eventually implementing a categories features (more like page flags than a whole new way to view everything – although we think about that too). I think some other people mean something different when they ask for categories though. Those people disdain folders and notebooks and prefer to have a big pile of stuff they query – which is what I was addressing.

I’d be shocked to see it in the initial release of OneNote 2007. However, a  service pack release of OneNote 2007 would seem to be more realistic. OneNote service pack releases are really feature upgrades. Category support in OneNote 2007 would be awesome in exactly the manner that Chris and ScobbieSnacks describe.

BTW: if you have not listened to our Audio InkShow / Podcast with Chris Pratley, you can do so here

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