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Celio Corp Partners with Enterprise Mobile



Celio Redfly As I eagerly await getting to try out the REDFLY Mobile Companion from Celio Corp, I’m watching all of the news closely. Celio sent out a press release earlier today that is quite exciting. They’re announcing a partnership with Enterprise Mobile, the full-service company focused on developing, delivering and managing enterprise solutions based on the Windows Mobile ® platform.

As I talked about in my series covering my interview with Kirt Bailey, CEO of Celio, and Brad Warnock, VP of Marketing, Celio is targeting the enterprise almost entirely for its initial release of the REDFLY, so this seems like a particularly fortuitous pairing. Enterprise Mobile will provide sales, marketing, deployment, and customer support for enterprise customers of REDFLY. That should give many risk-averse enterprise customers a sense of security and familiarity.

The guys at jkOnTheRun have been having a lot of fun with the REDFLY as their latest Mobile Tech Roundup podcast shows. I look forward to getting one and doing an InkShow!

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