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Cellhelmet iPhone Case Offers Accidental Damage Protection



Sure, you can buy insurance from your iPhone carrier of choice in the U.S. or deal with Apple Geniuses directly through AppleCare or AppleCare Plus, but another option to prevent accidental damage to your phone will be by utilizing a case, which should adequately help with the occasional bump or drop. However one case, Cellhelmet, is taking its protection a step further by offering a guarantee that its case will protect your phone from damage due to drops–not from water or liquid damage.

Should your iPhone break or the screen gets cracked while encased in a Cellhelmet case, the company claims it will repair or replace your phone. The protection extends to jailbroken iPhones and even unlocked models sold by Apple and not subsidized through a carrier. The company will offer unlimited repair as long as your phone is in the Cellhelmet case, but will only offer 1 replacement for the policy for the case.

According to Gizmodo, the case retails for $45 and there is a $50 claim fee for repairs and replacements. Repairs will be done utilizing genuine Apple OEM parts and replacements will be shipped within 3 business days via UPS. In order to continue protection if you get a replacement unit (rather than a repair), you must purchase a new Cellhelmet case.

The case offers protection for the side and the rear glass on the iPhone and will be compatible with Apple’s iPhone 4 and 4S models. There is no recurring subscription or monthly charge for using the case, unlike the standard insurance policy, and you have 30 days to register your iPhone once you get the case. However, be aware that unlike with insurance, the Cellhelmet case does not cover against theft, loss, or water or liquid damage.

The case initially started through a Kickstarter project. It’s now available to the masses.

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