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Cellhelmet Review: iPhone 4/4S Case That Covers Accidents



Despite all the claims made by bulky protective cases, none of them actually guarantee to protect your phone from damage, or to fix it if it breaks.

Enter, Cellhelmet.

This plastic iPhone 4/4S case isn’t bulky or covered in latches and layers. It’s basic TPU case, but unlike the rest of the plastic cases out there, the Cellhelmet includes accidental damage coverage.

For $44.99, the Cellhelmet covers unlimited repairs and one iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S replacement for one year. The case doesn’t include water damage, but it will replace pretty much any other broken iPhone issue.

Cellhelmet review iphone 4s case with accidental coverage

The Cellhelmet offers protection from minor drops and fixes damage from bigger ones.

Unlike some warranty options, users can purchase this case at any time, and it covers used and jailbroken iPhones. There is a $50 handling fee for iPhone repairs and replacements.

The case doesn’t add much bulk to the iPhone, so I can still put it in my pocket. There’s also no front cover to snap off in order to use the phone. The case is well made, but it’s not as nice as $40 cases that don’t include a year of accidental damage protection.

The case comes in clear and smoke with colored inserts to add a bit of protection to the back glass. Pull these out and insert a photo to personalize the case. The thick outer edges of the case provide some shock protection and angles to fit a hand.

Cellhelmet review size

The cellhelmet doesn’t add much bulk.

The coverage is the real highlight of show. When I opened my case I scratched off a code to register my Cellhelmet with Cellpig. The case is only good for one phone. Registration is a breeze.

Thankfully I didn’t need to test the repair process, but Cellhelmet claims a 3-day turnaround thanks to U.S. operations based out of Pennsylvania.

The Cellhelmet is a good case with a nice added value. Users who want to add protection to an iPhone, especially a used iPhone, should definitely check this case out.

It would be great to see water damage covered, even for an extra fee, but as it stands the Cellhelmet delivers good value as a case and as accidental damage coverage.

Cellhelmet review front

Full access to the iPhone screen and buttons while in the case.

The case offers easy access to buttons and the display. The headphone opening works with all headphones I tried, but is too small for the oversized connection in my car. The cas eis easy to slide on and off, so I just pop the top out when I need to listen to music in the car.

Standalone accidental damage coverage like AppleCare+ and SquareTrade start around $99 for two year’s of coverage, but can only be purchased shortly after buying a new phone. Squaretrade covers used phones, but at a premium of $149 for two year’s of coverage.

Cellpig also offers a screen protector with that includes a guarantee to fix scratched, but not broken, screens.

The Cellhelmet is available direct from Cellpig and through Amazon for $44.95.

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