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CES 2008: A Chat With Motion Computing’s CEO Scott Eckert



I got an opportunity to catch up with Motion Computing’s CEO and co-founder Scott Eckert at this year’s Tablet PC meet-up. We chatted about the issues that were on your mind: the reasons behind the end-of-life LS800 Tablet PC and the announced but now unavailable LE1700 WriteTouch Tablet PC. Scott opened up about the reasons to end-of-life the LS800 and not ship the WriteTouch LE1700, as well as talk about their success with the LE1700 and C5. Scott told us that capacitive touch is definitely in their future, as well as small form factor devices. Towards the close of our chat, Scott told us to watch the C5 space, because there has been a lot of interest in the C5 from other markets.

This is the first in a series of three chats I had with Scott and others within Motion, including one of the other co-founders, John Dohtery. Stay tuned for the other chats over the next couple of days.

Note: You’ll need to turn your volume up in this video, as there was a lot going on around us making it difficult to pick up good audio. Download here or watch below.




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