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CES 2008: Blogging at the Bloghaus



Bloghaus1 002Now this is fun. Rob, Sierra, and I have headed over to the Bloghaus, which is sort of a bloggers retreat sponsored by Seagate and Podtech. Maybe I should just say, it is Robert Scoble’s playground. Because in many ways it is.

So first in the door, Ian Dixon of The comes running over and grabs Rob and I for some podcasting. And catch this, he’s doing it on his HP 2710p Tablet PC. Fantastic. This is one of 7 or 8 Tablet PCs I’ve seen since we walked in the door.

Lots of Blogging glitterati floating around for the free booze, free broad band and good time. Podcasting and video are going like crazy all over the room and, well, it is just plain fun.

Bloghaus1 005



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