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CES 2008: Checking out the Toshiba M700 Tablet PC



Sierra and I had a great interview with Kevin Roberts of Toshiba where he demoed the new M700 Tablet PC. We’re crunching video on that as I blog here and it should be up in a separate post soon. Suffice it to say this, I’m impressed with the Toshiba M700 Tablet PC for a number of reasons. Loren Heiny and I were talking about this Tablet PC, (he has one) and we both feel for power Tablet PC users it is a great Tablet PC.

  • The price is right.
  • The feature set for power users is incredible.
  • Some new features including a sensor that automatically turns the switch on/off for the optical drive door so that it won’t pop open when you brush up against it.

Check out our annoucement posts for specs from December and stay tuned for the video soon.



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