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CES 2008: Exploring the Land of MIDs at Intel’s Booth



Seirra and I headed into the Intel booth first thing this mornign to look for, yep, you guessed it, Mobile Internet Devices. What did we discover? Quite a few of them. Sierra has a one on one interview set up for tomorrow which should yield some good info, but in the meantime here is a range of pictures. (BTW, Intel needs to get rid of the blue lighting on everything. It makes pictures almost impossible to take.)

The mouse or scroll button the right of the picture below on the Toshiba MID reads optically.

Ces floor day 1 015

See more pictures by hitting the Read More link.

First up is a Samsung Q1 running Red Hat Linux.

Ces floor day 1 020

The Clarion MID

Ces floor day 1 023

Ces floor day 1 026

The Agio MID

Ces floor day 1 043

The Toshiba MID

Ces floor day 1 016

Ces floor day 1 051

The Lenovo MID

Ces floor day 1 044

Close up of the Lenovo MID keyboard.

Ces floor day 1 048

The LG MID/UMPC. Note that this will not be available in the US market. We’ll have more shots of this one later.

Ces floor day 1 065

Ces floor day 1 066



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