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CES 2008: GBM Connects at CES Unveiled Event



CES Unveiled Well three quarters of the GBM Team has connected here at CES 2008. Sierra Modro joined Rob and Warner at the Sands Hotel right before the CES Unveiled event. In the picture to the right is Rob, Sierra, and Sierra’s husband David.

CES Unveiled is where tech companies with products that have award winning technology for this year’s CES are on display and those companies get a bit of a headstart on the rest of the show, but having an opportunity to thrust their products into the press’ faces. Along with more food, wine, and gimmicks than you can shake a stick at. I guess that old saw about the press showing up when food is available is really true.


CES Unveiled 021

Rob, Sierra, and I meandered through the room and got an eye full. We managed to scope out a couple of interesting Tablet PC products at the event and are in the process of producing the video as I write this, so keep your eyes peeled for those posts soon. Here’s a couple of pictures to keep your appetite whetted in the meantime.

CES Unveiled 027

CES Unveiled 014




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