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CES 2008: Get Ready for the MIDs



BenQ Mobile Internet DeviceCertainly one of the things we’re very interested in checking out at CES this year is the debut of the Mobile Internet Device or MID. Already we’ve heard that BenQ will be unveiling a MID this week. There was some noise that Lenovo might be doing the same that came from Steve “Chippy” Paine. From what I can see though from further updates, it is actualy from Aigo. There’s also word that LG is unveiling a MID, or is it a UMPC? That is going to be one of the questions of 2008 as the MIDs roll out. Will there be consumer confusion? Will consumers even care? Will lower price points of MIDs bring down prices or UMPC?

We’re going to have lots of answers forthcoming in the next few days once the CES floor opens up for viewing. Stay tuned.


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