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CES 2008: Impressions of The LG MID



The LG MID has captured a lot of attention. Sierra and I got a close look at it today at both the Intel booth and at the LG booth. We both like the form factor, and I like the feel of the keyboard, but it feels curiously like LG took the OQO form factor and rounded off the edges a bit. That said, it feels great in your hands. Unfortunatley we won’t be seeing this MID here in the US, as LG will only offer them in Europe, Asia, and Canda. I’m not sure I like the way the stylus is stored in a portable case that is tethered to the unit instead of the usual garage. LG also calls this a UMPC (Boy do we have confusion in this space regarding naming and branding.) Anway here are some pics.

Ces floor day 1 065

More after the Read More link.

Ces floor day 1 066

Ces floor day 1 181

If you’re looking for some specs head over to UMPCPortal.




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