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CES 2008: LinPus-A Linux Front End For Mobile Devices



At the Sands Convention Center Matt and I stumbled across LinPus Linux, a company that makes an interesting Linux GUI Front End for all sorts of devices. They were showing them off on what they call Ultra-Mobile PCs, but then as this week has proven more often than not, that moniker is quickly loosing its definition.

Ces day 2 033

But none of that matters. We walked away with installs of the distro and we’ll be checking it out probably after we return to our respective homes. If you check out the pictures you’ll see that the front end is very touch orientated, so I would imagine that LinPlus will be making a bid for some Mobile Internet Device action as well, just like the Packard Bell Easynote that you see pictured below.

Ces day 2 031

Ces day 2 032

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