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CES 2008: Matt’s Impressions



mtf Well my thoughts are going to be very similar to those already stated, but here it goes:

The Good:

  • This show is HUGE yet again – maybe bigger!
  • Tablet PC Meet Up was a lot of fun and great to see everybody – You did hear about the 3 computers given away right??
  • Getting some talk time with JK and Kevin was a bonus
  • Just getting to be in Vegas again :)
  • The BlogHaus was a fun place – Getting to chat with a bunch of other bloggers and listen to their stories was an entertaining time
  • Getting to see some MID’s up close – they will be fun to watch
  • Seeing my dream machine (though without dedicated graphics) in the M700 – because of the POWER it has!
  • Shooting the Mobile Demand Video (#1 if I can rank one of them)
  • The Surface demo was so cool – and I almost got a snowboard out of the deal….
  • The 150" TV was very big!!!

The Bad:

  • The show is HUGE (yes same thing on the bad list too)
  • Getting he Flu on the way home – 4 days in bed…  yuck
  • 2183593142_0e1e448132My hard drive crashing again on the plane ride home (see image)
  • No Tablet PC release with a dedicated graphics card
  • Sleeping on a roll out cot – actually that wasn’t the worst part, that was Warner’s snoring…
  • Where are the new Tablet PC’s???
  • Companies need to let people ‘find’ the new stuff, not announce it 2 days/weeks prior – it would be more fun that way
  • Dell and their ‘not a consumer device’ – there were still a lot of people from businesses there at the ‘consumer’ show…..

That’s what I can think of off the top of my head – a head that’s been frying for a few days at 104 degrees… There could be more later :)

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