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CES 2008: OQO Demonstrating First UMPC With Embedded Mobile WiMAX On Sprint Xohm Network



This ought to shake the mobile connectivity space up a bit. OQO is demoing their Model 02 running embedded WiMAX on Sprint’s Xohm network this morning. Matt and I will be headed over there first thing in the morning to check it out.

Here is the official release.

OQO Inc., mobile computing innovator and creator of the world’s smallest fully-functional Windows Vista® PC, unveiled a technology demonstration of the award-winning model 02 computer with integrated 802.16e Mobile WiMAX high-speed wireless data capability at the Sprint XohmTM booth # 31561 at the 2008 International CES in Las Vegas. This demonstration represents the first trial of Xohm compatible WiMAX capabilities embedded in an ultra mobile PC, and showcases the power of anytime/anywhere access to information, applications, corporate networks and the full PC Internet experience.

Mobile WiMAX is a next-generation wireless networking technology that holds the potential to revolutionize mobile data communication through the availability of an advanced nationwide wireless broadband network designed specifically to mobilize the Internet and deliver new mobile multimedia applications. The promise of this new technology will be fully realized by devices that offer rich computing capability combined with truly mobile form factors.

As the leader in the ultra mobile PC category, OQO has pioneered the miniaturization of the PC into a sleek, elegant, and ergonomic device small enough to fit in your pocket yet powerful enough to run full multimedia and networked business applications with Windows XP or Vista. With this demonstration of the first ultra mobile PC with embedded Sprint Xohm compatible Mobile WiMAX, OQO is taking the logical next step in leading the development of this product category.

“Consumers and mobile workers want to experience the real Internet and all their favorite applications with the same high speed and full functionality whether at their desk or on the go,” said Bob Rosin, senior vice president of marketing and alliances, OQO. “Today’s Mobile WiMAX demonstration on the OQO model 02 shows the path to truly seamless computing.”

Typical performance on Xohm’s WiMAX network is 1.5 Megabits per second on the uplink and 2-4 Megabits per second on the downlink. This is 3-5 times faster than any available mobile wireless service. Within the next 12-24 months, Mobile WiMAX deployment will be available in metropolitan areas nationwide and become the true next-generation mobile broadband network.

"OQO’s demonstration of a UMPC with embedded Xohm WiMAX capability is further evidence of the additional development of this powerful ecosystem," said Bin Shen, vice president of product management and partnership development at Sprint’s Xohm business unit. “We expect devices like OQO’s model 02 to benefit greatly from the Xohm WiMAX network.”

OQO today is announcing a technology demonstration of Xohm compatible Mobile WiMAX wireless capability in the model 02 computer, and is not presently making available a product for sale with such functionality. Availability of the OQO model 02 computer with embedded Mobile WiMAX capability in specific geographies may be announced at a future date. With this announcement, OQO does not make any representations about product availability. The OQO model 02 is currently available with 3G wireless networking capability including EV-DO Rev. A in the U.S. and HSDPA internationally.

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