CES 2008: Origami Experience 2.0 Released

Looks like the Origami Team just released the Origami Experience 2.0 according to the Origami Project.com. Their are four applications in 2.0.


  • Origami Central updates the original OE application to allow users to access media, but has added a fully-optimized browsing experience for UMPCs and a RSS reader. The media features have also been extended.
  • Origami Now offers one-touch access to your info whether it be email, calendar, RSS feeds, weather, you name it. It is all on one screen.
  • Origami Picture Password is being touted as a real breakthrough for using mobile devices. Instead of a password or finger print, you access a series of pictures.
  • Touch Settings which offers the same functionality as 1.0.

No link available on OrgiamiProject.com for downloading yet, but we’ll update this post when it is available. Perhaps we’ll see more of this at the Tablet PC/UMPC Meetup tomorrow.


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