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CES 2008: Rob’s Headed Home



Matt and I left for the airport at 3:00 this morning for 6:00 flights. We knew the CES crowds would be out in force, and in force they are!

We are all totally exhausted, but had more fun than ever. I’m already working on an article on the successes / challenges I faced covering CES. I know the others are working on similar posts. I’m also working on an article on my general impressions of what is now my fourth consecutive CES.

Keep a watch on the site over the next several days for a lot more CES videos and articles, including a chat I had with Motion Computing’s CEO and co-founder Scott Eckert on the LS800, WriteTouch, and what 2008 holds in store for Motion. It’s not your typical PR speak video. Scott was really forthcoming and addressed the issues and perceptions many in the community have been discussing. The Motion videos are actually a three part series, as I also chat with Scott and co-founder John Doherty about the beginnings of Motion Computing, how the design of the M1200 came about, and much more. The third video is chat with Scott and Michael Johnson, who is in of Product Development. They are fascinating discussions I know many of you will enjoy.

In addition to all the news and video coverage we posted, we recorded what is probably the best InkShow we’ve ever done. It was on the rugged MobileDemand xTablet T8700. I’ll be editing and producing it this weekend, posting it up on Monday. Stay tuned. You will thoroughly enjoy it.

My thanks to Warner, Matt, and Sierra for an awesome show. They are some incredible people who truly love mobile computing and LIVE it. I’m so proud to be affiliated with them.

In addition, I want to thank OQO for sponsoring our coverage at CES this year. They provided the Model 02’s that Sierra, Matt, and Warner used, and aided tremendously with our highly mobile requirements.



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