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CES 2008: Samsung Goes Ultra Premium with the Q1



Q1ultrapremiumWell Samsung has been in the Ultra-Mobile PC mix since day 1 with the venerable Q1. Then a series of Q1’s followed: The Q1P, the Q1B, the Q1V, and of course the Q1 Ultra Ultra Mobile PC. Now they are rolling out the Q1 Ultra Premium. One thing is for sure, Samsung doesn’t want to let go of that Q1 branding.

That aside the Q1 Ultra Premium UMPC (that’s a mouthful, but then so is the shortcut: Q1UP-XP) will run Windows XP Tablet Edition and set you back $1,399. It runs a 1.33GHz ULV Intel Core Solu U1500 Processor and they are touting 7.5 hours of battery life. Supposedly the split keyboard, now at Version 1.5 has larger keys.

Samsung will be dropping the line on its other Q1 entries to make run for the Ultra Premium model, so it sounds like a good time to be in the market for one of those earlier models is just ahead.

Here are some details from UMPC Portal on the Q1 Ultra Premium UMPC. 

And here is a link to the press release.

We’ll post pics up as soon as we can dig some up.

Thanks to jkkmobile for some early info on this.




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