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CES 2008: The Clarion and the Samsung MIDs



Let’s try this again. I had posted what I thought was this video earlier but things got crossed up. Here is the correct video. Apologies.

While at the Intel Booth we got to check out the Clarion and the Samsung MIDs. A Samsung MID you say? It sure looks like a Samsung Q1 UMPC doesn’t it? But it is running Red Flag Linux. Is it a MID or is it a UMPC? That is going to be debated on a lot of these devices in the next few months.

Clarion is best known for creating devcies such as media players and GPS for your automobile, so there is logic to Clarion moving into the Mobile Internet space.

Keep in mind with these and other MID devices we are seeing that we are at least 6 months away from really knowing what these devices can really do, as what we are seeing this week are really prototypes.



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