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CES 2008: The Intel MIDs on Video



We came to see the Intel MIDs (and other things) and we got a good start at The Digital Experience with a quick look at five of the devices. In this video, Intel’s Marketing Director for the Mobile platform walks us through Menlow and Silverthorne and the devices, including a second generation prototype. You’ll see the Lenovo MID, the Aigo MID, and much more. Early impressions? Nice looking small mobile devices with nice touch screens. Aimed at those who want quick mobile media access, email, GPS, and some document work while on the go.

Catch this. While we’ve all been hearing that the MID platform will run Red Hat Linux, the Toshiba MID, that’s right-Toshiba is in the MID space-will be running Vista. That ought to shake a few things up. We’ll be seeing more MIDs today at the Intel booth. Here’s a link to the press release info on Intel’s MID release.

Another bit of interesting news. We’re looking at a $499 price point here. Sound familiar? We’ll see in six months or so if that will happen. One thing for sure, it will be interesting to see if the MID platform will drive prices down or up on the UMPC platform. Either way, UMPC is not what we knew it as yesterday.


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