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CES 2009: Crunching Video and Posting with the Lenovo X200T



Power makes a difference when you sit down to crunch and edit some video and then post it up. Thanks to our CES 2009 coverage sponsor Lenovo, some of our team are using Lenovo ThinkPad X200T Tablet PCs and let me tell you when it comes to crunch time, these babies can really fly. Those with the X200’s is working with a device that is running an Intel Core2Duo L9400 @1.86GHz. Some of us have conventional hard drives and some have SSD’s. The SSD’s make a real difference as well and I’m sure you’ll hear more about that in future posts.

But the real key is having enough memory and processor oomph to import and process the video quickly and the X200 Thinkpads are really doing their job here. Truc has three tabs open in Internet Explorer and 8 tabs in Windows Live Writer running, AIM, and Windows Movie Maker running at the moment. He’s both uploading video to Blip.TV and processing video locally, with a ton of other things going on. I’ve got a similar array of things going on and am experiencing nothing but pain-free computing at the moment.

CES2009Day1 021 CES2009Day1 022
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