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CES 2009: Details Emerge on Sony Vaio VGN P500



vaiop Goodness knows what we’ll call this thing, a UMPC, a Netbook, a really pricey ultra-portable, etc Whatever the moniker Sony is creating some buzz about the new Vaio VGN P500. Details are beginning to trickle out about the 1.4lb device and Mark Spooner seems to have gotten the goods for Laptop Mag.

  • 8-inch 1600×800 screen
  • 1.33-GHz Z530 Intel Atom
  • 2GB RAM
  • 60GB (standard), 64GB and 128GB SSD options
  • 802.11n Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth
  • 2 USB ports, headphone
  • included dongle adds connectivity for VGA
  • Ethernet, and additional USB
  • SD, MS
  • 9.6 x 4.7 x 0.78 inches ( 243 x 120 x 20mm )
  • 1.4 pounds ( 635g )
  • Starting at $899

The high resolution screen has folks talking, but some of them are checking their contact prescriptions.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. rocke86

    01/07/2009 at 6:07 pm

    20 years later the Poqet PC is remade and costs half as much.

    Much better specs on the sony but doubt it can even close operate up to 100 hours on 2 AAs.
    Size: 8.8″ × 4.3″ × 1″
    223 mm × 109 mm × 25 mm
    Weight: 1.2 lb (0.54 kg) w/batteries
    Battery life: 50—100 hours (But expect a lot less if running long, cpu-intensive
    programs(10—20h approx))
    Microprocessor: 80C88 / 7 MHz
    Memory: 640 KB SRAM
    Display: reflective DSTN (no backlight)
    Display compatibility: MDA: 80 × 25 characters
    CGA: 640 × 200 pixels
    PCMCIA: 2-Type I, Revision 1.0 memory card slots
    SRAM cards must operate a 3.3v
    Does not support Revision 2.0 modem and
    network cards.
    Secondary storage: Drive A: 512 KB — 2 MB PCMCIA (not included)
    Drive B: 512 KB — 2 MB PCMCIA (not included)
    Drive C: 768 KB ROM drive with MS-DOS 3.3
    and PoqetTools
    Drive D: 22K volatile RAM drive
    Built-in software: MS-DOS 3.3, PoqetLink, and PoqetTools

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