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CES 2009: Netbooks and MIDS at Intel



CES2009Day1 047 Intel has a huge range of Netbooks and MIDs on display, many of the MIDs under glass. We’ll be talking with Intel soon, and you can bet we’ll be asking when the MIDs will come out of protective species status and we’ll start to see OEMs begin shipping these things. A number of the MID models are very familiar from last year, and you can almost hear them begging to be let out of their cages. At any rate, here’s a range of pictures from the Intel booth that you can drool over after the jump.

CES2009Day1 044 CES2009Day1 045
CES2009Day1 046 CES2009Day1 051
CES2009Day1 055 CES2009Day1 058
CES2009Day1 061 CES2009Day1 062
CES2009Day1 063 CES2009Day1 081
CES2009Day1 085 CES2009Day1 088
CES2009Day1 091 CES2009Day1 093
CES2009Day1 097 CES2009Day1 079

Make sure you check out the quick MID video tour posted earlier also.

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