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CES 2009: Shifting Gears and Shifting Bags



bagswitchthumb2 I’m carrying much less gear this year covering CES 2009 than I normally do and what I am carrying is much lighter than in previous years. So, I thought I’d switch from my big red Wegner bag to a smaller shoulder   bag. Makes sense right? Well, I thought so, but the proof is in the walking. By mid-morning of walking he floor at CES 2009, I was starting to feel really out of sorts. While the bag over my shoulder was indeed a bit lighter (sorry no scales to do any measuring) it was forcing me to slouch in one direction as I walked. Shifting shoulders didn’t help, in fact it made it worse. Remember in Vegas, and at CES you walk, and walk, and walk to everything. By the end of the day, I felt more exhausted than normal, and it took several hits from the Ibuprofen bottle (along with a few drinks) to make me comfortable enough to sleep.

So, today on day 2 of the big show, I switched back to Big Red. I explain it all in the video so give it a look-see after the jump.

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