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CES 2009: Toshiba Concept Internet Devices



CES2009Day1 154_Medium Sorry I didn’t get this up earlier, but other things intervened. Here are some pictures of Toshiba’s concept Internet devices. I love to see this kind of thing in concept, I’d love even more to seem them come to be. From MIDs to these concept devices we’re seeing lots of interesting future possibilities, but at times it seems like things move so fast that what looks enticing in January, is yesterday’s news by June. Maybe this economic slowdown we’re going through will allow things to equalize a bit on some macro/micro/mondo level so some cycles can get rebooted.

Check the pictures after the jump.

CES2009Day1 144_Medium CES2009Day1 145_Medium
CES2009Day1 146_Medium CES2009Day1 147_Medium
CES2009Day1 149_Medium CES2009Day1 151_Medium
CES2009Day1 152_Medium CES2009Day1 155
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