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CES 2010: Intel Atom ready for smartphones?



atomsmartphoneIntel showed off a couple of smartphones running the next-gen Intel Atom processor, a.k.a. Moorestown, at their keynote.

The first was a reference design from Aava that rocked multi-point video conferencing, showing two other callers on its screen. Looked great.

Closer to release, later this year if it stays on track, is the phone from LG designed with collaboration with Wind River.  Its 5″ screen is really wide, fitting a widescreen movie trailer perfectly. It also works well for multi-tasking, as seen in this shot showing a calendar alongside a playing movie.

We’ll need to wait and see how the battery holds out while handling these tasks, but I’m happy to see them cram that level of processing power in a handheld mobile device.

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