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CES 2010: Live at Last Gadget Standing



Only hitting one event today. Finally getting to spend serious time on the floor. Live at Last Gadget Standing. Not giving it the full liveblog treatment, just jotting quick notes. Previous LGS have featured HP Touchsmart and Eye-fi. Also meeting up with Josh and Amy here.

Sony Dash and NVIDIA tablet to be shown.

First up is Neato Robotic vacuum. Sounds more powerful than a Roomba. Everyone yelling Neato. Great energy for the first entrant.

Second is Acer Aspire 5738D. 3D laptop running Intel Core 2. Terribly boring talk compared to the yelling before. Would choose automatic cleaning over 3D notebook.

eReader next: QUE proReader. Chosen above other ereaders. Lighter bc of plastic screen. Intelligent doc management system. Presenter doing his normal demo. Gesture enabled touchscreen. Designed for folks who need to read. Aimed at office workers to read on QUE instead of printing. Doc management system looks really good. Like the business angle.

Haier Trainer is a combination fitness tracker and MP3 player. Uses 3g accelerometer to differentiate walking and running. Syncs to PC to track stats.

ICD Ultra! NVIDIA Tegra tablet. Recording video (will post separately). Pushing maps with GPS and 3G. HD video. No specs or details.

Giveaways. Going through history of gaming development. Okay, talking doll. Talking Taz. Tickle me Elmo. Trivia. Head of Eye-fi, two time winner, says a few words.

Sony Dash. Internet touchscreen device. Recording video. Not mobile.

Intel Reader is next. Intended for helping people read. Takes photo of material and reads it. Designed for folks with vision or reading problems. Great idea. Should have recorded it. Reading demo was amazing. Smooth and accurate. Tremendous potential.

SHOWWX Laser Pico Projector. Presented by Dr Evil. Hilarious! Perfect for a “laser” projector. Wonderful for mobile folks. Pocketsized projector. Singing “we want, we want lasers” to We Will Rock You.

My new phone, the Motorola DROID, is next. Recording video. No demo, just a lightsaber battle. Guess I’ll need to demo myself later.

Next: Boxee Box by D-Link. Shows us the “Internette” video, secure and unconnected. Boxee Box will change that, bringing all web content to one box.

Online winner: Pico. Inhouse winner: Boxee.

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