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CES 2010: PowerGenix NiZn batteries to the rescue?



PowerGenixMy mobile blogging today did a number on my iPhone battery and AA backups. Didn’t think it would make it through the day, but it did. Still, I set up my system so I wouldn’t have to worry about that. Thus, I was glad to meet up with folks at PowerGenix and their nickel-zinc batteries offering 1.6V, higher than the 1.2V of NiMh rechargeables and even the 1.5V of alkalines.

By the time I met them, my AAs were already tapped below the point of being able to recharge my iPhone. I told them my story, showed them my setup, and they were happy to help me out. The mAh rating on these look low at ~1500 mAh, but that’s because the output voltage is so high. Measure it in watt-hours, voltage x amperes, and it’s very competitive. Will give them a whirl around the floor and report the results.



  1. Steve S

    01/08/2010 at 7:45 am

    Just a quick comment here. In our collective rush to find higher and higher density energy sources, it’s easy to overlook the fundamentals: Voltage is important!

    A few years ago, I read a study on voltage-related electronic failures. The bottom line was that operating a device at a voltage that was 10% OVER the design voltage resulted in significantly more failures than operating the same device at 10% UNDER the design voltage.

    At 1.6 V per cell, Ni-Zn batteries would be approaching the 10% over voltage condition. Users would be advised to proceed with caution…

  2. Sumocat

    01/08/2010 at 8:18 am

    Point well taken. Hence, I will be testing them specifically for recharging my iPhone battery after it drops below 80%, the point at which my NiMh batteries can’t keep up and the extra voltage should help.

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