CES 2010: Samsung bringing apps, mobiles, and ink

Samsung started their press conference today talking about 3D TV, much like Toshiba did. But where Toshiba put all their bets on one ultimate TV, Samsung showcased their entire line, including a new app market to serve everything from handheld mobiles to massive TVs, a music player with a transparent display for backside control, and wifi-enabled eReaders with handwriting recognition.

Samsung Apps takes the app store concept in a new direction: one store to serve all product lines. Mobile phones, TVs and Blu-Ray players will get the app treatment first. It’s already launched in Europe with plans for rapid expansion (not sure of a date for the States). Netflix, Picasa, Pandora, and YouTube are among their content partners along with several news sources. Goal is openness and an SDK is coming.

Along with that, Samsung is working toward a seamless wireless ecosystem linking phones to TVs to PCs to everything else.

The Samsung IceTouch is the first AMOLED music player with a full-color transparent display. Instead of tapping the screen to control it, a user taps the back panel, seeing through the device to see where to press.

Two eReaders are on the way with wifi-connectivity, 2GB of storage and handwriting recognition on their pen enabled e-ink screens. Not sure if they’re touchscreens or relying on active digitizers, but it’s still pen input. Introduced Google as their main content provider, so don’t expect current bestsellers.

They gave a brief mention to their netbooks and notebooks (I blinked and missed it). Hot features are invisible touchpad, 12-hour batteries, and a new semi-rugged netbook. Will need to see those on the floor.