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CES 2012 Headphone Highlights



I visited with several headphone manufacturers and retailers and found three offerings to be quite interesting. I am sure I missed quite a few awesome companies, but of those that I met with, these are the ones I was most impressed with.

In no particular order- Soul by Ludacris, Marley, and Yurbuds.

I love music and while I don’t consider myself an Audiophile, I do enjoy good full range sound. I tend to lean towards solutions that provide a little more bass, sometimes even exaggerated bass is OK too.

Soul by Ludacris

Soul is a newer company that seems to be following in the “Beats by Dre” footsteps where a company partnered up with an artist to create a line of audio products. In this case, it’s Ludacris.

SOUL by Ludacris presents a full suite of elite quality, stylish options aimed to please artists, producers, DJs, jetsetters and music snobs alike.

They have been around about a year and held a short press conference yesterday announcing new styles and designs. Currently they offer 8 different headsets from $299 to $69. The sound quality is quite impressive, I through some dance music with some hard hitting bass in their $200+ headphones and was blown away.

For more information, visit Soul by Ludacris.


This company has a mission above just selling headphones. The pr rep that showed me their product line yesterday kept reminding me about this mission. The mission is superior quality, earth-friendly, and cause minded. Obviously superior quality is important to audio buffs, but the other parts of the mission are commendable. Marley use natural, earth-friendly and renewable materials when making their products and packaging. They use FSC-certified woods, organic cotton and recyclable aluminum. To me, these materials make for a very unique looking product line. The last part of the mission is charity. I didn’t ask, but I assume a portion of the proceeds support charity.

The products are all unique looking with wood finishes and rasta-like coloring. There are so many lines to choose from, some quite expensive and many are very affordable.

I was able to test a few models with my own music and was general pleased with the performance. The $199.99 Redemption Song over ear headphones had the best overall sound of the models I tested.

The over all feel of the products was solid, but I wonder about durability of some of the headphone’s materials.

For more information, visit The House of Marley.


One of the biggest issue I have with in-ear headphones is that when I am exercising or working in the yard and get a sweat going, they start working their way out of my ears. You lose that air seal and start losing sound quality. I find myself spending more time pushing them back in that listening. At Digital Focus and Showstoppers, yurbuds was set up demonstrating what they consider the strength of their product line, in-ear headphones that WON’T come out until you want them to.

I was skeptical of that claim as well as the audio quality. The prices of the yurbuds are lower than you’d expect, so naturally you would expect the audio quality to lack. They aren’t Ultimate Ears, but they sound great for the price. Very good value for a workout pair of headphones.

Learn more about their line at yurbuds.



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  2. K G Booth

    01/12/2012 at 1:43 pm

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