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CES 2012: Sprint Galaxy Nexus 4G LTE Hands-On (Video)



At CES 2012, Sprint had announced the Galaxy Nexus, a 4G LTE phone, as part of its Network Vision strategy.

Though Sprint had allowed us to see the Galaxy Nexus in person, the device was well-guarded and Now Network did not allow us to film or capture many images of the device as the hardware and software is still being finalized at this point.

Like the LTE edition of the Galaxy Nexus, the Sprint version will come with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and will have a 4.65-inch Super AMOLED HD curved glass display.

The device is supposed to be arriving during the first half of the year, but Sprint hasn’t finalized the pricing or specific launch dates yet for the device.

Though we weren’t able to take a picture of the software, OS, or the rear of the device, the overall device appears very similar to the Galaxy Nexus for Verizon Wireless. The demo phone–it’s unclear if this will translate to the same result in the production-ready retail model at launch–had an extended battery and is slightly thicker and heavier than the Verizon model.




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