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CES – Matt’s thoughts from the show



This was my first year at CES and boy was it a good one.  I had only been to Vegas once for a few days about 12 years ago – and it’s amazing, they just build, tear down, build tear down…..  it looked almost the same as it did back then.

Best thing for me from the show??  I got to meet a lot of people.  I talk to quite a few people via e-mail and IM – people I have never met, but I ‘know’ them.  Lots of virtual relationships.  This was a time for me to be able to meet some of the people I talk with every now and again.  People like Mark Orchant, JK and Kevin, Ed Halloway, Lora, TabletLawyer, all the Microsoft folks…..  the list goes on.

The show – Man that place was HUGE!!  We were there 3 days and I think we might have seen about 1/4 of the place and gadgets there was to see!

Best Item – My favorite item at the show was the new FlyBook.  That thing was great, reminded me of Rob’s P1610, but in a more updated looking casing.

Vista – all about Vista – every computer out there was running Vista!  If you can’t wait for the OS, just wait till you see some of the programs that take advantage of the OS, those are going to be cool!!

Hardware – Personally, I thought there would be a whole lot more NEW hardware being shown off.  Not there there wasn’t some offerings from TabletKiosk, OQO, HP and Toshiba, but what about the quantity?  Maybe I was just expecting a whole lot more because of the Vista release – then again, maybe I was expecting too much from my first CES.

What am I looking forward too??  At my ‘real’ job I do GIS work so the rugged Tablet PC’s that are on their way look like a nice bunch.  The Switchback is a real nice offering with all of the expandability, but what I am really can’t wait to see are the new TuffTab’s that are coming from TabletKiosk.  What I liked about their offering is the size of the unit is not much bigger than the size of the screen.  To me, that will make a very nice unit to take out in the field. 

The Team – It sure was nice to actually meet everybody face to face.  It sure made the relationships stronger for all of us – that can only lead to good things in the future.

We had a lot of fun together and I am sure there will be lots more to come.  It was nice being the young guy… around a group of old guys – old enough to be my Dad??

The picture on the left was taken by Eddie – Eddie was great to meet and he was a big help to the team – even if he did lead me on our own Oceans 11 adventure!!  Hey Eddie, remember who has the internal GPS next time! It was fun though…

I can’t wait for next year to do it all over again!!


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