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CES Report: S-XGen Pocket PC InkShow



 Rob and I went over to the Sands convention center on Tuesday to look at some of the vendors over there.  Little did we know what we would find over there – FlyBook, PepperPad and a look at the OLPC (it’s running the Pepperpad Software if you didn’t know).  But, One of the devices we knew was going to be there was the S-XGen from Seamless Internet.

The device looked really nice and you can see Rob’s first impression right after the InkShow filming.  I have to agree with Rob, I don’t really see this as a ‘pocketable device’.  If you have a Cingular 8125 (or PPC6600) your phone is going to feel like a Razr compared to this thing!  Besides the size, the S-XGen looks like a really nice unit, build seem great and the screen was  very readable – and I would love to have that keyboard on my 8125!!

  • Watch the InkShow ( 43.6 mb, 5:50 )

  • Visit Seamless Internet

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