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CES Report: The Vanishing Point Game, Some Clues, Water Cannons, and Fun



LokiMonday morning when we awoke several of us had message lights flashing on our phones alerting us that we had a package waiting at the Bell Desk of the hotel. Bleary eyed, when we headed down to pick up the package we where given Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 6000 Keyboard and Mouse. Quite an impressive piece of CES swag. But this was more than swag. This contained a clue to Microsoft’s Vanishing Point Game that is sort of like a riddle wrapped in an enigma, wrapped in a well you get the picture.

What the clue led us to was the famous fountains of water outside of the Bellagio Hotel where we and a bunch of other CES attendees watch the famous fountain’s spew water into the air, but with a twist. We were created with a 3D video image of Loki giving us more clues as she and the clues were projected on the geysers of water.

Here’s a video the full Loki show with all of the clues. Who knows what we will see tomorrow?


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