Chad Essley Reviews The Sahara i440D Tablet PC
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Chad Essley Reviews The Sahara i440D Tablet PC



image In true artist fashion, Chad Essley has reviewed the popular Sahara i440D Tablet PC from Tablet Kiosk.  I really like his fresh approach to reviews. Coming from an artist who places a high value on the pen and the digitizer, you’ll find this review very, very helpful and entertaining.

This morning, as I sleepily wombled around the house.. I managed to do something.. something very very STUPID. I spilled and ENTIRE FULL CUP OF COFFEE on my new laptop. The I440D! AAGGGHHH!!! I immediately turned the power off, but it was too late. The machine was running, but the screen was black. Agh!! I had to send it back to TabletKiosk for repair! The review is definitely postponed.. I thought..

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