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Chad Essley: The Cartoon Monkey’s Life With Ink




Just because we can, (and because Chad asked us to update his picture), we are re-running our Life With Ink feature on Chad Essley. We aim to please.

Chad Essley is an animator and cartoonist that I have followed for quite awhile. On his site you can check out his work, as well as how he uses his Tablet PC to create his art. You can also check out a video of Chad working with his Tablet PC and Alias Sketchbook Pro by selecting the Alias Software link on his site.Not only is Chad a great artist who uses a Tablet PC, he is also quite a Tablet PC evangelist as well. When I asked Chad to contribute to GottaBeMobile’s Life With Ink series, it was of course a natural for him to tell his story with using a comic. And here it is. Enjoy!








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