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Charging Up Your Cell Phone with Movement



Externalcharger_usbsmallerOK, let’s think of all the ways you do this. There is some emerging technology that will convert motion into the power you need to charge up your batteries. Let’s see:

  • Dancing.
  • Walking the dog.
  • Jogging or any form of exercise.
  • And then of course we could steer off into the realm of the silly…

But we won’t do that. There’s a startup in Idaho, M2E Power that it is going to bring a cell-phone charger to market next year that convert six hours of movement into one hour of talk time. Doesn’t sound like much at the moment, but as Katie Fehrenbacher on GigaOm points out there are decided upsides to this in third world countries.

I can already sense some entrepreneur out there thinking of an after market add-on that shakes your device all night long to give it a charge up.


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