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Cheap Calls From Your iPhone



I was looking for a SIP client for the iPhone and while I did not find that I did come across something that looks quite interesting.

TruPhone is a service that allows you to make truphone cheap, or possibly even free, phone calls from you mobile phone to landlines, mobiles or other TruPhone clients by using VoIP over a Wi-Fi connection.

So when TruPhone contacted me the other day and asked if I had looked at their client I decided it was high time I did!

They currently have a client for selected Nokia phones and for the iPhone (via the iTunes App store).  They have a video promoting the iPhone client here.

Calls to landlines in countries in “the TruZone” (of which there are 40) are charged at a flat rate of US$0.06/min.  Mobiles in those countries are chared at US$0.30/min.  Calls to TruPhone clients are free – but it is important to note that the iPhone client cannot recieve TruPhone calls yet so to call someone for free they need to be running TruPhone on a Nokia.

There is also an OuterZone with about another 30 countries in it to which landline and mobile calls cost US$0.10/min and US$0.50/min respectively.

I’ve installed the client on my iPhone so I’ll try it out and report back here soon.

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