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Cheap iPhone 5 Rumors: 4-Inch Display, Hybrid Design Detailed



There have been rumors swirling pointing to a release of a cheaper iPhone sometime this year, possibly alongside the higher-end iPhone possibly called iPhone 5S or iPhone 6, and it looks like some new details of the device have leaked out today well ahead of its announcement.

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There has been talk of a cheaper iPhone model for a number of years but over the past few weeks we’ve seen the rumors heat up like never before. Analysts and leaks have suggested that Apple is indeed planning to release a cheaper iPhone model this year, a release date is still unclear, and that it will evidently be aimed at emerging markets like China.


A cheaper iPhone 5 could resemble the current iPhone combined with the iPod touch and classic iPod.

And while details have been extremely scarce, iLounge has chimed in today with some very exact details about what could very well be the cheap iPhone model that has emerged as a real possibility for 2013.

Evidently, this new cheaper iPhone 5 will be a mixture between the iPhone 5, the current version of the iPod touch and the original iPod Classic that was discontinued so long ago. Specifically, the front of the device is said to look like an iPhone 5, the bottom an iPod touch and the overall design much like the original iPod.

Starting with the front, it appears that it will have many of the same elements of the iPhone 5. A previous report suggested that the device would have a 4-inch display and it appears that in addition to that, which will supposedly come with 1136 x 640 resolution, it will also come with the same buttons and camera sensor as the iPhone 5.

It will, however, be a little bit larger than Apple’s current iPhone according this rumor with Apple putting on an additional half millimeter in both height and width. It’s also supposed to be made of plastic and not aluminum, metal and glass.

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Mockup of a higher-end iPhone, also likely coming on 2013.

Apparently though, the buttons on the side will no longer be circular but elongated instead, kind of like how they were with the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G. The buttons, like the device, are said to be flat however, a change from the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS which featured curves instead of a flush back.

The back of the device resembles an iPod touch it seems in terms of camera sensor, positioning and microphone. It’s also said to come with a Lightning port, not much of a surprise, considering Apple has switched the iPhone and iPad over to that standard.

The device is specifically referred to as the iPhone 5 though an exact name is unclear.

There are still no details on exact pricing though we imagine it will either take the place of the iPhone’s $199.99 slot with Apple offering 32GB as the starting size of the high-end smartphone or be priced much lower, say in the $99 to $150 range.

No release date is known as of yet though we’ve heard summer mentioned many times as a possibility. If true, that could mean that WWDC will once again be used as a launching pad for the iPhone.

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