Cheap Xbox One Deal Arrives at Best Buy 
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Cheap Xbox One Deal Arrives at Best Buy 



The cost of purchasing an Xbox One for anyone willing to trade-in their old, last generation console is falling seriously again. Electronics and video games retailer Best Buy is offering an Xbox One deal that’ll save shoppers a whopping $175 on the cost of purchasing Microsoft’s latest console.

Best Buy began offering their own Xbox One deal for trade-ins this week and the way it works is very similar to what GameStop offered at its stores recently.

Anyone with an Xbox 360 that has 250GB of storage can trade their console in for a $100 Best Buy gift card and a coupon on the Xbox One worth $75. In addition to taking Xbox 360 console trade-ins, Best Buy will also let anyone with a PlayStation Slim take advantage of the savings too. This new Xbox One deal lasts until May 2nd and all the standard stipulations for trading in a console at Best Buy apply here. Shoppers need a single controller for their console and the power adapter that came with their console. That console needs to start just fine and all information and passcodes need to be removed prior to the trade-in. Best Buy is only offering this Xbox One deal inside its stores. It’s best to call your local Best Buy to make sure that they’re one of the stores nationwide that process technology trade-ins.


To be clear, Best Buy shoppers can trade-in Xbox 360 and PS3’s with less storage, but they won’t get as much credit towards their trade-in as they get with this Xbox One deal. Best Buy takes all sorts of technology through its trade-in program. It doesn’t offer cash for trade-ins, instead it hands out gift cards that can be used to purchase new items in its stores.

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Every new Xbox One comes with a Wired Chat Headset, an Xbox One Wireless Controller, a power adapter, and HDMI cable and the console itself. Microsoft has bundled free digital games with each of their consoles since early last year too. Right now, Best Buy stores are filled with the Xbox One Master Chief Collection bundle for $349. Separately Halo: The Master Chief Collection costs $59.99. It’s compilation of four different Halo games complete with their story and multiplayer.

This Xbox One deal couldn’t come at a better time for potential Xbox One buyers. At launch the Xbox One costs a whopping $499. That didn’t include a digital game, but did include everything that the current bundle does and added a Kinect 2 sensor. The Kinect sensor is used for motion games, live television support, video chatting and adding voice commands to games that’d normally require the use of complicated menus. That bundle is still on sale for $499.

The transition from the Xbox 360 to the Xbox One started the moment the Xbox One went on sale, and it is starting to pick up steam. Just a year ago there were a lot of games launching with support for both the Xbox One and the Xbox 360. That’s changing very quickly. Mortal Kombat X‘s Xbox 360 and PS3 counterparts were delayed into the summer last month. Next month Batman: Arkham Knight launches without Xbox 360 and PS3 support at all. This fall there’s Halo 5: Guardians launching without support for the Xbox 360. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, won’t support the Xbox 360 or any last-generation console. Choices are going to continue to dwindle for anyone into the latest releases still on an Xbox 360.

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Currently, Microsoft’s own retail stores aren’t offering any trade-in value boosts for the Xbox 360.

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