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Cheap Xbox One Spreads to More Retailers



It seems Microsoft’s Xbox One is on a bit of a tear price cut wise. Just days after Wal-Mart temporarily cut its sale price on the all-in-one entertainment system, Microsoft’s own stores are also offering the console for just $450.

The Microsoft Store began offering the deals to buyers on its website earlier this morning. Users, first have to navigate to the website and then drop one of the Xbox One bundles into their cart to get the savings. Discounted consoles include the Xbox One Titanfall Bundle and the Xbox One with Forza Motorsport 5 Bundle. Those are the same bundles Wal-Mart temporarily slashed prices on last week.

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At the time those price cuts at Wal-Mart appeared to be isolated and temporary, however they’re arrival at the Microsoft Store and Best Buy could indicate a more coordinated and semi-permanent price cut. That’s great for potential Xbox One buyers. Today’s buyers are saving a bit more than those who purchased the console on day one. That’s because each console now includes a free game valued at $60. That plus this lower pricing brings the savings up to $110.

What appears to be a mistaken price cut overnight saw Amazon users net the Xbox One for as low as $399. That sale has since ended and the price has gone back up.

To be clear, Microsoft hasn’t  made any alterations to the consoles included in these $450 bundles. Each console still comes with the Kinect 2 sensor, a wireless controller, the console itself, a single HDMI cable and a power cable. There’s also a lightweight chat headset that Microsoft added to the console after its initial announcement but before its launch last November. As such, users should have everything they need to play whatever bundled game their Xbox One comes with.

Users looking to pick up an Xbox One as part of the deal should definitely, hurry. Microsoft is insisting that this price cut is only temporary. That means that the discounted Xbox One’s could disappear any second, forcing the console back to its regular price of $499.99. It’s unclear, whether the console’s bundled games is just a temporary offering or if Microsoft plans to keep offering Forza 5 and Titanfall in bundles going forward.

Buyers should call before heading to their local Microsoft Store to ensure that they have the console in stock. Best Buy shoppers are better off going to the company’s online store and checking store inventory before heading out.

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