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This is What Mobile Gaming Could Look Like After the iPhone 6



While most consumers are focused on a rumored iPhone 6 release late this year we got a sneak-peak at technology that could come to a new iPhone in 2015 and really shake up mobile gaming with amazing graphics.

With every new iPhone and iPad we gain better graphics that lead to better looking mobile games, and a new tech demo shows incredible looking graphics that could come to an iPhone after the iPhone 6.

The new Imagination Technologies Wizard GPU adds a technology called ray tracing to mobile devices. This fancy name means users get a more realistic looking game on the screen of an iPhone or iPad, that previously would have required a laptop or a game console. Check out the screenshots below to see what gaming might look like after the iPhone 6, when Apple delivers an iPhone 7 in 2015.

This is an example of mobile graphics that could be a part of the new iPhone, in 2015.

This is an example of mobile graphics that could be a part of the new iPhone, in 2015.

There are four major benefits to this new technology that will make games look better on an iPhone or iPad, if Apple adopts the new tech.

  • High Quality Shadows from every light.
  • Photo-realistic reflections.
  • Accurate Transparency.
  • Incredibly beautiful mobile graphics.

This second set of screenshots below show a comparison of what graphics look like now, and what the same scene could look like on an iPhone using this ray tracing technology.

Mobile gaming graphics today.

Mobile gaming graphics today.

And with the new technology enabled.

What mobile gaming might look like on the iPhone, after the iPhone 6.

What mobile gaming might look like on the iPhone, after the iPhone 6.

Apple partner Imagination Technologies makes the graphics part of the Apple A7 chip and Apple used technology from this company to power graphics in all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices so far. While the company did not mention Apple while showing off the amazing visuals, Apple is an investor in the company.

The iPhone 5s is on store shelves today and we expect to see the iPhone 6 later this year. This new chip won’t make it to the market in time for the 2014 iPhone, but it should arrive in the middle of 2015 in time for inclusion in an iPhone 7 or new iPad. Paired with the recent addition of support for iPhone and iPad controllers, this could push gaming to a new level on the iPhone and iPad next year.

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iPhone 6 rumors suggest we will see a larger display and a new design along with a new Apple A8 processor which is where Imagination Technologies’ PowerVR tech lives in the iPhone. If Apple does adopt this technology expect to see it in an Apple A9 processor that would play a role in multiple Apple devices next year. The Apple naming scheme is up in the air, but think of an iPhone 7, iPad Air 3 and possibly even a new iPod touch, if Apple ever gets around to releasing an iPod touch 6th generation this year.

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